Coaches:  This is a sample letter for you to consider as a communication to your team’s parents of your expectations, team requirements, and logistics.  Please feel free to edit this to meet your needs and communicate your philosophy. Also, some of these comments may apply more to girls teams or boys teams.


NOTE: Updated version along with Parent Volunteer Sign-up List available as WORD document.


AYSO Parent Meeting Handout or

Introductory Email



Welcome to the parent meeting!  We are team number ____ in Division U____.

The team's coach and assistant are: __________________


Our team color is:  _______________


Introductory paragraph: Personalize to make it specific to your team:

We have coached together a number of years and both really enjoy the kids and the chance to teach some soccer.  We know they’ll have a fun season. Many of you have been involved in AYSO for a long time so the following is obvious but the AYSO philosophy is a good one to review.


AYSO Philosophy

The AYSO philosophy is to have fun, learn soccer and to play safely. We are all responsible for making this season a great one for our kids. Positive comments from the sidelines are always welcome.  Please set a good example for your kids and be complimentary to any kid who makes a great play, on either team, and never make disparaging comments to the players, coaches, other parents or refs.


The referee is a parent or kid volunteer too and we really appreciate their help.   He/she is the "boss" on the field.  Please don’t complain about any calls. Some have more experience than others so we all need to be understanding. Most times they’re right and sometimes they’re not. We can learn together. The coach can discuss disputed calls AFTER the game in a cooperative and educational way.  Parents can share their concerns with the coach, not the referee. 


Should a player have a problem or injury in a game, the ref will evaluate the injury and let the coach go on if needed.  No parents are allowed on the field unless the ref okays it.


Shinguards are a MUST.  Kids cannot play without them in games or in practices. Shinguards must be covered by long socks at all times (including at practices).  In addition, players, for safety purposes, should not have any jewelry on (e.g., watches, bracelets, even string bracelets, earrings).  Please postpone having ears pierced until after the season ends.  Players WILL have to remove posts no matter how new at practices or games!  Players with long hair should wear it pulled back to all practices and games.


Web Youth Soccer

AYSO Region 43 does all registration and communication via its website,  Please sign in there once a week to see last minute messages from us, double check game schedule or find field maps, etc. Any changes to your personal information (e.g., phone #, insurance, etc.) should be entered there.  Let coach know of any changes and corrected signed forms to next practice (one for coach and assistant coach).



We will decide on a team name at the first practice so we can make the banner and list it on the website.  Often the name will have something to do with our uniform color.



 We know everyone’s lives are very busy in this community.  We coaches also may have to miss an occasional practice or game.  PLEASE tell us via the team parent in advance of any known absences (the team parent will make a list for us and keep it updated).  CALL us directly if the illness/conflict is known after Friday morning as we may not get to our email before Sat morning and often make the line-up Friday night.  It takes a lot of forethought to decide on team line-ups for the games so we need to know ASAP.  Additionally, SMS our phones if any players are going to miss or be late for practices or games. 


Try to avoid Friday night sleepovers.  Kids always come to games wiped out after a night with friends.  How about Saturday instead!?



Each player should bring the following to every game and practice:

*soccer shoes (cleats)

*shin guards

*soccer socks that cover the shin guards

*water bottle

*soccer ball (please bring if you have one, a few are supplied) Size _____ for this age group


*for games, wear uniform (tucked into shorts!) and bring towel for perspiration/mud clean-off (optional)


You can buy equipment at local sport stores or Play it Again Sports.  Bigger selection available at Kickers soccer store in Belmont.  Cheap kid cleats often available at Payless Shoe Store.  Cleats must have molded plastic bottoms, not screw on type.  



 There is always some last minute turnover in the team roster.  We will NOT hand out uniforms at until the last practice, before we begin games.  Uniforms are passed out based on size and not just numbers.  Smaller numbers are for the smaller players.  Uniforms should be worn only at games (or to school on team spirit days).   Please don't wear at practices (t-shirts are fine then).  Uniform shirts need to be tucked in for games. Wear matching shorts and socks given (better not to wear team socks to practice unless you can clean them in time).



To make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone the following volunteers are needed.  Please give a little of yourself in order to enrich your child's experience.  Your child will be happy to have you participating in the team effort.


* Team Parent (1) The team parent has the most important role.

o  Makes a spreadsheet which includes the names of all kids and parents, phone numbers (especially cell phone #) , emails and game times and volunteer roles parents are signed up for. Sends this information to whole team.  Sets up a communication plan (e.g., Yahoo! Groups, Facebook, phone tree, SMS plan) 

o  Makes sure the other volunteers are following through with their roles and helps the coach as needed. Often is the main contact person for the coach so needs access to email on regular basis and is well organized.

o  Keeps track of absences and makes a spreadsheet with known absences at beginning of season. Sends updates each week if changes.

o  Makes a schedule of coach absences needing a practice parent and reminds parents when they are needed.

* Snack Coordinator Parent (1) Each parent signs up to bring snacks for one or two games Coaches should set their own team snack policy.  Maybe extra water too in case.  Coaches are exempt from snack duty. The coordinator sets up the schedule, prints it out for all, distributes, AND reminds the snack parent the week BEFORE the game to bring the snack. 

* Parent Referee (2)  We have all been asked to contribute two referees per team.  You will be scheduled to ref your child's game when you're available and may also be asked to ref another game if you're available.   Check website ( for training classes and sign up now.  Let the Ref Administrator know your division and team # and that you’re planning to ref (contact email on website).

* Linesperson (2) In charge of monitoring balls that go out of bounds.  Simple role needed at games if Assistant Referee is not available.  Can be trained on the job in minutes.

* Practices parent (4) There may be times that one of us can’t be at a practice.  We would like a number of parents to be available to stay at practice as we must have 2 adults at all practices.  The team parent will make a schedule as we know our conflicts ahead of time.  For Safe Haven, we NEED to make sure we have at least one parent at each practice who is the same sex as the players.

* Banner Parent (1) A banner reinforces the team spirit and is needed at the BEGINNING of the season so promptness is imperative. Once the team picks a name the parent should make it that week.  The banner ideally is 5-6 feet long and 4-5 feet high and made of sturdy fabric.  It can be attached to 1 inch PVC pipes running through the hems on the sides and top.  Use large letters so it is readable across a field.  Can include kids' names if wanted.  Also need a way to secure it to the ground. One option is to have 2 iron stakes (one foot length) to pound into the ground (bring hammer each game) and put pipes over them. Must plan for substitute ahead of time to bring, set up and take down the banner if you will be out of town.

* Picture Day Parent (1)  Makes sure everyone confirms they are coming and helps organize the team on the day of the region photos. Sends out reminder email to team 2 weeks before the day.  Hands out photo packets to all teammates before the day.  Assists in make-up photo day if needed.

* Photography Parent (1-2) Takes action shots during the season and distributes photos to the kids at the end of the year party or other venue (team needs to decide how to fund this).

* Team breakfast and makeover party planner (optional) (1-2)  Have breakfast together at your house. Then color kids the team color with face paint and hairspray just before a late morning game. Usually early in the season. Good team spirit building.  Kids love this!

 * Party coordinator (1-2) Plans end of year party (usually last week of games).  Pizza, pool party, picnic, are options. Poll parents/players/coaches a few weeks ahead to find a convenient time since schedules fill up quickly.  This is also when we hand out trophies and photos and say thanks for the season.

Trophy parent (1)  Picks up trophies from Division Coordinator (coach will let you know when) and brings to end of year party for distribution.



* Practices are every ________________ at __________pm at _____________ field

* Games will be every Saturday. 

* Please come to games 30 minutes early to warm up and confirm line up

* You can access game times/locations/fields all online at

* Picture Day is TBD

* Last game is ______________

* Regional Tourney (for U10 and above) is _________________

* Area Tournament (if we win the Regional Tourney) is ______________

* Parent/kid soccer games are fun, a good way for you to understand the game and see it’s not that easy (!). Will be scheduled during or after a practice near the beginning of the season (and perhaps at the end too if you’d like). Kids love playing their parents!




Please let the team parent and coaches know if ANY changes on your contact info form (phone numbers/insurance info/etc).  We must have current info on the reg form SIGNED BY YOU with us at every practice and game (AYSO rules).  We need TWO copies with original signatures of the updated reg form (one for coach and one for assistant coach). You should also go to the web and update your information there as soon as there is a change. 


We look forward to a fun and rewarding soccer season with you and your child.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns during the season.


Coach:      _______________________________

email:       _______________________________

phone # :  _______________________________                                          

cell # :      _______________________________


Asst Coach:  _______________________________

email          _______________________________  

phone #:       _______________________________

cell #:           _______________________________