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Player Registration FAQs

Q.  How does the new $100 registration rebate for key volunteers work?
A.  AYSO is an all volunteer organization.  In order to provide an incentive to build our volunteer base, we are offering a $100 rebate for 1 single player registration if a parent, guardian, or sibling volunteers in a key role this season in the 8U-14U divisions.  The key roles are:  Coach (for at least 1 team in 8U or higher), Assistant Coach (for at least 1 team in 8U or higher), and Referee (at 8U Official or higher).  For these roles, the volunteer must (1) complete all required training and certifications for the level they will be supporting; and (2) fulfill the duties of that role.  For coaches / assistant coaches, this means attending / leading practices as well as matches; for referees this means filling at least 10 gameslots during the season.

Q.  I received an email with instructions for completing player registration if we choose NOT to pay online.  But the email was missing a couple of pictures which were supposed to illustrate important steps.
A.  A web page version of that email can be found here.

Q.  What do I do if I cannot pay the Registration Fee by credit or debit card?
A.  Complete the player registration process to the point where you are asked for payment (the Payment Information screen).  Leave the Participant Registration page at that point; your child's fee will remain in the shopping cart.  Either return to My Account (if you want to add another Participant/Player) or Logout.

If you have more than one child you are registering, repeat the process, adding that child's registration to the shopping cart.

Unfortunately the way the new registration program is set up, unless you complete the entire registration process (including online payment) you will not get the opportunity to print out the final AYSO registration form.

Instead, you need to return to My Account, click on the Edit icon (it looks like a pencil) next to your child's name.  Use your browser's Print function (typically Ctrl-P) to print the 2-page Edit Participant Information and contact the Region 43 Registrar ([email protected]) to make payment arrangements.

Q. When can I register a player for the Fall season?

A.  Registration for the Fall season opens in April.  Registration remains open until each division is full or games begin in September.  We receive 80% or more of our registrations by the end of May with some divisions filling by then. We strongly recommend that you register early to be better assured of placement on a team. While we strive to accept everyone, field space and coach volunteer limitations occasionally require us to turn away kids.

Q. When can I register a player for the Spring season?
A.  Registration for the Spring season for 6U and 8U divisions opens in late January. You will receive an invitation to register for 10U and above if your child has been placed on a Spring Select team.

Q. What are the requirements for a new player?

A.  New players to Region 43 may not participate in team practices or matches until the proof of age requirement is satisfied. We will enforce this rule.  Please follow the instructions found here.

Q. Can my child be placed on the same team as his/her sibling or friend?
A.  It's possible, depending on volunteer levels, but not guaranteed.

Q. How do I request that my child be placed on a team with a specific coach?
A. Unfortunately, special requests for coach placement cannot be accepted. Please read here for a discussion of how teams are formed in our region.

Q. When will I know what team I am on?
A. We plan to release teams to coaches and parents by mid-August (roughly the first week of school). Parents should hear from coaches soon after that time. Team rosters and coach info will also be available and online via the member login area at that same time. Parents are requested to contact their coach if they have not heard from them within that first week.

Q. Where are the games played?

A. Tentative plans for fields in the FALL Season are:

  • 6U-8U: Rosita City Park on Saturdays
  • 10U: Almond Elementary School on Saturdays
  • 12U: Santa Rita Elementary School and fields in neighboring towns on Saturdays
  • 14U: Egan, Hillview and fields in neighboring towns on Saturdays
   Tentative plans for fields in the SPRING Season (NOTE:  All Spring Season matches are played on Sunday):
  • 6U-8U: Rosita City Park OR Santa Rita Elementary School on Sundays
  • 10U: Springer Elementary School and fields in neighboring towns on Sundays
  • 12U: Santa Rita Elementary School and fields in neighboring towns on Sundays
  • 14U: Egan, Rosita City Park, and fields in neighboring towns on Sundays
Q.  What's with the new Divisions (6U, 8U, 10U, etc.)?  Why is my child in a different Division than last year?
A.  AYSO National has changed from a school year registration (age as of July 31st) to a birth year registration in order to align with other  American youth soccer programs.  Click here for a more detailed explanation and for the AYSO Age Chart.

Q.  The Region 43 website/flyer/email says that the fee this year for the Core Program is $260 ($130 for 6U).  When I go to sign up my child, the fee quoted is lower.  What are the fees?
A.  The lower amount is the Region 43 fee; when you complete the online registration process and go to check out you will see an additional fee which is paid directly to the National AYSO office, thus the total will be as advertised.

Q.  I made a mistake in my child's online player application but did not catch it until after I had paid and the application had been accepted.  How can I change his/her name, gender, birthdate, etc.?
A.  There is currently no way to change player information once it has been processed.  The issue is being worked on.  So make sure that the player's name, gender and date of birth are correct before you click Continue on the Player Information screen.

Q. Is financial assistance available?

A. Yes.  Please contact our Registrar at [email protected] to explore options.

Q. How do I pay by check? What about refunds?
A. Instructions for payment by check can be found here.  Please see the next question to learn more about refunds.

Q. How do I cancel my child’s registration and request a refund?

A. To cancel a registration and obtain a refund, please email the Registrar at [email protected] with your child’s name and date of birth.

See the Registration Refund Policy for the dates when the cancellation fees apply. Any drop made because your child was not placed on a team entitles you to a FULL REFUND (minus the National Fee, which is not refundable).

Q. Where and When are the practices held?
A. Practice fields are generally the same as the game fields. Time, day of the week, and location is ultimately up to the coach. Due to a lack of field availability, most teams practice only 1 weekday afternoon/evening for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Upper levels may practice twice early in the season to raise the level of training. Kindergarten (6U) league meets ONLY on Saturdays (no weekday practice) for a combined training/scrimmage session. We try to place your child on a team and with a coach that will hold practice other than the single day you specify you cannot practice.

Q. How do I help make sure AYSO soccer is a great experience for my kids?
A. VOLUNTEER!  We need coaches to help the kids learn, and we need referees to keep the matches SAFE, FAIR, and FUN!  Most importantly, make sure that your own behavior around the soccer field sets a positive example.  Please read the Kids Zone Pledge for specific advice.

AYSO is a parent-run, volunteer organization. A “Board of Parents” meets monthly year round to plan and execute the 2 playing seasons. Many hands make the work lighter. These jobs are typically 1-2 season commitments. We always need help in these areas:

  • Division (Age Group) Coordinator
  • Referee Staff
  • Coach Staff
  • Volunteer Coordinator and Appreciation
  • Marketing
  • Registration
  • Field Lining
  • Field Management and Equipment
  • Uniform and Equipment Ordering
  • Web Site and Communication posting and enhancement
  • Regional Commissioner, Board Secretary, Treasurer, and other administrative staff

Contact [email protected] to volunteer.

Q. How can I change my child’s team assignment?
A. The following answer applies to the U8 divisions and older.

A tenet of AYSO is Balanced Teams. The division coordinator goes to great pains, considering many factors, to create balanced teams. Average and mean age and grade; general skill of players; and school are “balanced” or spread as best as possible. Where possible, we try to honor the request for one sibling or friend to be on the same team. We also try to make sure at least one other player from your child’s school and grade is on the team.  The coaches, board members, and other volunteers are bound by the same policies that govern everyone else in the Region.  No exceptions.

Because of this, we normally cannot accept requests to change team assignments.  However, if it is impossible for your child to play with the team to which he or she has been assigned (meaning your child cannot make any of the regular practices), we can take your child off that team and put him or her on the wait list. Just before the first games, we work to clear the wait list one more time by using team balancing as the number one criteria (and specifically not considering any sibling/friend requests or school buddies).  The date of registration is the secondary criteria (the earlier you registered, the higher your priority on the wait list). If you move your player off a team and on to the wait list, you will take the chance that your player may not be assigned to any team at all, or may be assigned to a team where he or she does not know anyone.  Given the difficulties of scheduling around two practices per week, we also cannot consider change requests based on a single practice conflict for teams that generally have two practices per week.

Q. What if my child is under developed or has a disability?
AYSO has a VIP program for those kids who have limitations that make it difficult for them to participate with the majority of kids their age. Unfortunately, in our particular region, we do not have enough kids or a dedicated parent to run this program locally. Luckily, some of our neighboring regions do.  Please contact our Regional Commissioner ([email protected]) -- we would be glad to help get your child placed there or assist you in expanding the program to our local fields as well.

Q. Who runs the league?  Who are the coaches and referees?
A. AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.  The vast majority of the roles are filled by parents of the players, although anyone can volunteer to help.  The positions we most desperately need filled are coaches, assistant coaches, and referees.  No previous soccer experience is required.  We offer free training classes that will to enable you to succeed and have fun.  Have more questions about volunteering - see our Volunteer page for more information!

Q. For divisions that become full, who gets top priority for roster positions?
A. As described in the Region 43 Policy of Play, Players with parents who volunteered their time in the previous season - OR - parents who commit to volunteer AND COMPLETE REQUIRED TRAINING prior to team formation are given priority for placement,  subject to the "first registered, first placed basis".  For players who complete their registration during our wait list period (late June or later), roster positions are allocated based on the needs of the player’s division and having sufficient volunteers to support additional teams.  Factors that may increase the priority for one player who registers later than another are:

  • A player’s parent volunteers to be a head coach, assistant coach, or referee
  • A player’s parent volunteers to fill some other position that the Region needs filled
  • Team balancing considerations within the division
  • The days on which a player is available for team practice

Do you have a question not asked and answered here?  Contact us at [email protected]

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