Coaches Calendar of Key Events (including Training)

The calendar below is the compilation of several sources of calendars.

    KEY: (font colors)
    Green = Coach Training classes
    Blue = Regional Coach events (e.g., Mandatory coach meeting, UK Soccer)
    Brown = Regional Volunteer events (e.g., Ref/Coach pizza night, Ref/Coach games)
    Gray = US Holidays

Coaches and Referees Events

We hold regular “pizza nights” during the season. Those are friendly get-togethers over pizza and drinks offered by Ayso 43. Even if you drop by just to say hi, ask a question or tell a story, all referees and coaches are welcome!

Coaches Meetings

Similar to the “social gathering” after the Mandatory Coaches’ Meeting, the Region will host a meeting for the coaches to interact with each other. The first one is planned for the week after opening series of games. Coaches from all age groups are wholeheartedly invited to come and share their stories, ask questions, or just relax.