Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most of your questions can likely be found below or on our Registration FAQ page. If you do not find the answer, feel free to contact us.

Q: How do I register my child to play AYSO Soccer?

A: Please visit the Registration page to register your child on-line (under the 201X Season menu). It contains also answers to many common registration questions.

Q: Do I need to volunteer for my child to play?

A: Is it an absolute requirement? No. However, remember that AYSO is an all volunteer organization and our region cannot run without an adequate number of volunteers. No one is paid for what they do, not the board members, not the coaches, not the referees. If positions that are needed by the region go unfilled, we may not be able to field a team for every child who wishes to play. Your child as well as others will benefit if you do volunteer. Besides, it’s fun and most positions are just a few hours per season.

Q: Is it possible to get my children onto teams with their friends?

A: A child may specify one “playing buddy” to be on the same team during the registration process, but the two children must reciprocally request each other in their registrations for the request to be valid. Player children of Head Coaches or Assistant Coaches who have requested to coach together will be considered to be “buddies” and we cannot honor a request for another buddy for the child of either coach.

Q: What days are practices (training sessions) held?

A: Training times are chosen by each coach from a set of available times and fields. They are during the week, after school and before dark. A few coaches may opt for sessions on Sunday. Coaches will pick 1-2 training sessions per week (generally 2 per week for U10 and above, and either 1 or 2 for U8). Some may go down to one session later in the season when it gets dark earlier. U6 players do not train during the week – they participate on Saturdays only with a combined training session and scrimmage game.

Q: What days games played on?

A: Games for all divisions except U16 and U19 are played on Saturdays. Each team plays one game, with game times starting as early as 8:30am and going as late as 4:00pm. U16 and U19 teams play on Sundays. U06 players participate on Saturdays only with a combined training session and scrimmage game.

Q: When will I know which team my child is on?

A: We publish the rosters in WebYouthSoccer soon after we are able to finalize the division, which is usually in early August.

Q: Where are games played?

A: We play on Los Altos schools fields (Almond, Santa Rita, Egan, Covington) and 2 city fields (Hillview and Rosita). Older divisions play away games in neighboring AYSO regions. See our Fields Location page.

Q: Why aren’t team schedules and standings posted on this web site?

A: Team Schedules are available on the separate WebYouthSoccer site used to register players and form teams. Click here to access WebYouthSoccer. You will need to log in with the name and password used to register your child.

Q: Is there a minimum playing time for each child during a game?

A: Every player is guaranteed to play one half of each game unless he/she shows up to the game after half time or too late to be substituted in for enough playing time. It is the policy of AYSO Region 43 that every child plays three-quarters of the game before a player plays a full game.  Because of the nature of the numbers of kids on a team, this may not be possible for every individual game but is our policy for playing time over the course of the season. Exceptions to this policy include a player that is consistently late or not showing up for training sessions, being disruptive to the team, or being disrespectful to the coach, their teammates or their opponents. In cases such as this, the coach has the right to play that player only one-half of a game.

Q: Does Region 43 have soccer in the Spring?

A: We are unable to field an open registration spring season because of the lack of fields available during that time of the year. However we do field a number of Spring Select Soccer teams with the Pacific Soccer League, and we encourage at least one team to form in each division from U10 up. These teams may hold try-outs, based on the number of children interested.

Q: As a head coach, can I pick my assistant coach?

A: Yes. When you register, indicate you want to be a Head Coach. Your assistant needs to register as an Assistant Coach. When you register your child, you should select your Assistant Coach’s child as your child’s buddy/sibling, and the Assistant Coach should select your child as his/her child’s buddy. Since we allow only one buddy request per player, we cannot honor a request for another buddy request for either your or your assistant coach’s child. We do this due to the many constraints in creating balanced teams and team balancing takes priority.

Q: Can casts or braces be worn while playing or practicing?

A: No casts or splints are allowed at any time in a game or training session. This includes anything whose purpose is to prevent a bone or joint from moving. No player who recently had to wear a cast or splint should be allowed to practice or participate in a game until the player has a signed release by their doctor and parents.

A brace, whose purpose is to protect a joint but allow movement, may be allowed if in the opinion of the Referee, they are soft, like an Ace bandage, they are padded and they have no exposed sharp edges or exposed metal ribs which might catch another player.

Soccer is a contact support. We wish to ensure that it is safe for the players, their teammates, and their opponents. The Referee always has the final decision.

Q: How about a bracelet or necklace if it’s made out of cloth or other soft material?

A: A player cannot wear jewellery of any kind, regardless of the material. There is a risk of another player’s fingers or clothing getting caught in these and causing injury to both players.

Q: Who should fill out the game card?

A: The Head Coach is responsible for having the game card (a specialized form of the team roster) ready before the game. The Referee and/or Assistant Referees use the card to track playing time, scoring and misconduct.

Q: What are the responsibilities for assistant coaches?

A: The duties of an assistant coach vary from team to team. Also, the number of parents that help out will also dictate the duties that are shared. Sometimes, the assistant coach is the one that runs most of the practices but the head coach might focus on the administrative aspects of the team. On most teams, the assistants are requested to attend as many practices as possible. For the safety of the children, there needs to be 2 adults at each practice.

It is critical that the head coach and assistant coach work out an arrangement that both suits them and maintains the best environment and enthusiasm level for the team. Some teams have their assistants because the head coach cannot attend all of the team functions. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact the Regional Coach Administrator via email at

Q: Who determines if a match should be abandoned?

A: The Referee assigned to the match has the responsibility for the safety of the players. If conditions arise that make continued play unsafe, the Referee will abandon the match. If the match had already started and must be abandoned, the Referee cannot declare a winner of a match that has been abandoned. The Referee will report the situation to the Regional Commissioner.

Q: How do I find out if a game is canceled due to weather or unsafe fields?

A: The day of the game, check the Region 43 web site for any game cancellation notices.  Note that even if is raining, it is likely that the games will still be played, so unless you get the word, assume the game is on. Games are abandoned only when the conditions make it unsafe to play or the City requests that we do not play to prevent damage to the fields.

Q: What do we do if it rains?

A: See above question.  Assume the game will be played unless you hear otherwise. At the field, only the Referee has the ability to abandon (cancel) a match. Please go to the Rain Out Policy page for more information.

Q: When are regional board meetings and are they open to the public?

A: Board meetings generally occur on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm and are open to anyone who wishes to attend. As the schedule periodically changes and the location varies, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator or our Regional Commissioner for details as to the next date and location as well as to receive the agenda.